Mark Pinilla

Sales Associate

Doral Plaza

About Mark Pinilla

If you’re looking to get a big brother for your property business or find a real estate agent with real personability, you’re looking in the right place! Meet Mark Pinilla, Realtor for The Keyes Company in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Mark prides himself on being able to bring a peace of mind to his clients that is akin to the comfort of having a wise, older brother.

The manager of a property management business, Mark currently oversees approximately 90 investment properties. Also a realtor, Mark utilizes his real estate license to complement the property management and more fully assist any clients who need to buy, sell or rent their homes.

Mark has a lovely wife of twenty-three years and two daughters he can proudly boast are both on the honor roll. He has taught Sunday school to young children, participated in the Dolphin Cancer Challenge and is certified with CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team of the Red Cross. Mark also volunteers for Fishing With America's Finest an organization developed to aid Veteran's with PTSD by providing Pescetorial Therapy.

Mark is so trustworthy of a person that he has held security clearance with the department of defense in the past and several of his clients have even made him a signatory on their bank accounts for convenience. He attends many government meetings for the City of Doral, where he has made his home and is also a Competent Toastmaster, privileged to have served as President for three terms and as Area Governor supporting the needs of five clubs in Miami-Dade County.

Mark has a high command of Spanish due to his studies and work experience in Latin America, in addition to his family being of South American descent. He is an innovative problem-solver, works easily with new technologies and enjoys exercising his public speaking skills when possible.

Let Mark be the big investment brother (or big brother realtor) who has your back! Learn more about Mark on LinkedIn, where dozens of clients have recommended him.

Contact him today! (305) 992-1089